Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dalmålning - Swedish Painting

By Taryn
After the old table project, one of my first Norwegian Rosemaling projects on furniture with acrylics instead of oils, I was ready for another painting project - this time in the Swedish style called Dalmålning. I used a canvas and a traditional old design I found on the internet. The design was probably painted in the early 1800's originally.
This wall painting is at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, painted in 1983 by Swedish painter Bengt Engman, who was commissioned to come and decorate their ballroom and other areas of the museum in the same style as the old Dalmålning paintings, but with a theme based on the Emigration from Sweden to America.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alexandria Antique Shops

Every summer I try to make at least one day where I go downtown Alexandria and slowly make my way through all the different shops. Since the big box stores moved in, the Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. and the mall was built, downtown had to evolve into something else. No more shoe stores or JCPenney. I think the only store that is still downtown from my childhood is an office supply store, some jewelry stores and Ben Franklin, which now is mostly a craft store. This summer's find was a cute tablecloth for $6, from Sweden. The folk dress from the island of Gotland is on the left, below.
Here's a link to another view of Gotland's folkdrakt.

Summer in the Fall

Tracy and I - We spent time today with Cyndi, then Mom, and visited Tracy's friend, also at Knute for rehab. Then a good walk, grilling with the guys, and several games of Farkel. A busy and fun Saturday.
A year ago this weekend we had snow. Yesterday Alexandria reached a high of 84 degrees F. Today some Minnesota towns reached 90. The down side - mosquitoes. We haven't had a frost or hard freeze yet. The leaves are off most of the trees here, or golden leaves still on the trees reflect the sun, so the light is amazing.