Friday, August 13, 2010

The Old Table

Chuck's mom had an old table at her house, which we then had at the cabin, then in a basement closet. After I'm off of work for a while in the summer, my creativity comes back. (Plus a few rainy days lately.) I started with Kilz primer.
I used acrylics in little bottles that I bought at Ben Franklin in Alexandria for both the background colors and the Rosemaling. I'd always used oils, but the joy of acrylics is they dry right away, and that's also the pain of using them. It's not easy to fix mistakes.

The designs are adapted from "Rosemaling fra hele Norge" edited by Bjørg Oseid Kleivi. The main design is from a Rosemaler named Marie Strædet, from Marnardal. The style is from Vest Agder county in southern Norway. The lacy border is from a Bjørg Oseid Kleivi design.

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